Thursday, April 16, 2009

a new sign

I made this for my cousin's birthday this past week :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

here's what i've been up to...

So, I planned on buying my friend Steph's candle business, and was super excited to make the adorable "dipped bears" because i love hers so much (and still have the one she made for carson's nursery)
Then, unfortunate circumstances arose, finacially speaking, and I was more than bummed.
Until one day, my darling little angel donna, who loves me as much as i love her, and wanted so badly to see me suceed, suprised me and bought me a wax melter!
I could hardly believe how blessed I was. (am).
Through all of her horrendous grief, she still wanted to brighten my world.
She has given me the ability to give it a whirl and see where it takes me.
Here are my little creations...plush little cuties dipped in baby powder scented soy wax!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's been a while!

I've been super seriously.
I've also been doing alot of my crafting, but haven't gotten around to take pictures, except this one.
Real starfish forever in this dish, and I used faux water that hardens once its dry, so you can turn it upside down and it wont fall out.
I made it for my #1 girl donna.
Its a momma starfish and her 2 babies and I call it
"for ever, for always, no matter what"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mario and Luigi costumes!

The boys LOVE Mario and Luigi, running around the house pretending they are actually them!
So i decided to make their costumes, since they are so hard to find(and crazy expensive)
Sooooooo I got me some red and green hats, created the emblems, grabbed a few hairy adhesive mustaches, a couple a pair of white gloves, and am now in the process of making the overalls.
You'll have to wait for our halloween pictures to see the finished product!
I also made sure to get extra supplies in case I messed up......but I didn't.
So......I'm off..... I've got 5 more mario hats, and 5 more Luigi hats, and lots of hairy mustaches that I'm listing on Ebay!

By the way.....i never posted a picture of the 'toadstool' cupcakes that I made for Carson's 5th's one!

oooh, lookie, i found more!

I was rummaging through some old pictures and found some more of my projects!
They are from years ago, but i still wanted to share!
Above is a dragonfly duvet (painted) with matching bolster pillow.
Below is a picture of My dear Dad, who passed away 6 years ago.
Caeleigh was missing her poppy really bad, especially at night, so I printed this onto an iron on transfer and surprised her with a poppy pillow!

Here's a little fairy painting i whipped up for my little cousin Laine (almost called her my neice, because my aunt is definately more like my sis!)

And finally, 2 cute little pillow cases that I painted :) I don't know who would have carrot pillows in their bedroom, but i love 'em!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Random finds!

So, Im posting some of my random finds in this section!
I go a treasure huntin' on a mission to the local consignment shop, and call it "the random thing of the day".
Here are just a few of my favorite finds!
Pictured above is one of my favorite things ever.....climbing his way to the top, he so daggone cute i can hardly stand it!
Below is my chinese pig!

and these 2 beauties....

Last but certainly not least for today, is little Tommy Tucker.
He's a composition vintage Effanbee doll,(1930's-40's), in near perfect condition, with the tags still attached!
Bet your bottom, I'll be researching him!

........More to come another day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mario birthday shirt!

Hmmm, would it have been easier to do an iron on transfer....heck yes!
Since I didn't have those on hand last night, I decided to just paint ol' Mario instead.
I painted a 'rainbow fish' shirt for Sierra in the past....maybe 3 years ago and even in the wash a million times its held up well.
By the way, i just used regular ol' acrylic paints and brushes on both....not fabric paint.
Yes, it can be done I tell ya!